Film Stock Lives!


I finally (yes, I know, I’m late to the game here) watching American Horror Story.  We’ve tried watching it before, but I have an issue with how prevalent infidelity is in television, I feel that it is often used to try and show that a good character is flawed, but it doesn’t really add anything – which is why we gave up part way into the first episode.

But! I have given it another shot, and I’m glad I did, even if for just one simple reason.


Oh yeah, film lives!  And it is living on television!  I love when horror is shot on film, it gives that proper amount of grit to the visuals.  AHS uses Kodak 35mm that was then transferred using 2k scans; the final result is a lovely-colored and lightly-grained product that is wonderfully striking.

I really hope that the rest of the seasons continue to use film because there is a certain quality to it that you just cannot get with digital even with a film overlay.

Granted, if you are working with digital, and you really desire to get that look, there are some great film overlays out there that do give a rather good image.  When using them, though, I would always download the 4k overlays for the same reason I would shoot something in 4k even if I planned on the final product being 1080: room to crop if needed and a prettier regular HD image.

So, even though a lot of us don’t have the cash to fork out for film stock, we should still aspire to it if we think it will enhance a project.  Also, if you’ve been avoiding AHS, you should go check it out and look at all that pretty film action in there.


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