Trying to Update More

I’m going to do exactly how the title says, and try to update this blog more to keep anyone interested appraised of what is going on in Mikey-Video-Land (which is the made up place that I live and thrive).

I finished up the editing for the video I was hired to throw together.  It was a fascinating experience because I have never worked with a client in this manner before.  As it turns out, scheduling freelance time, especially for in person meetings with the client, can be very difficult (mostly because of scheduling babysitters and the like).  However, it is very satisfying to work on a piece where you’re given an script, all the footage, and can just go with it.

So far in my experience, I have been the director, writer, camera operator, and editor; just doing the editing on a project like this can feel slightly limiting on the creative control.  I think that is a blessing and a curse.  When you are the sole person that has stock in a video, you have the ability to cut whatever you want.  On the other side of things when you’re working for someone, you may have some control, but the director has final word and you may find that you have different ideas about what is important.

I was lucky in this video, and had a director that was very open to my suggestions and I his; we found good middle ground in any dispute that allowed us to create the video he wanted to make with good editing decisions.

Lastly, I think it is time for me to share Wristbands, my short film, with you all.  There are still a couple of kickstarter rewards for me to send out, but the digital copy of the film has been distributed to my supporters for about a month; so it is time for things to be shared with the world!  Here you go!


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