Still Kick’n

It has been a while since I made a post, and thought maybe I should write a little blog post.  So here we go!

I may not have been writing on here, but I’ve certainly been busy.  I have three scripts I’ve been working on, been doing freelance editing work on a promotional documentary style video, and have been additional camera operator on another documentary (that I am really excited about).

So yeah, I’m still kick’n and things are busy.  Those of you who have visited before, though, might be asking, “yeah, well what the heck is going on with Wristbands though?” Well, I got it done, and it wasn’t quite what I had envisioned, but I learned a lot. The main thing I learned: you’re going to make compromises.

It started with casting. I was not able to get the cast that I wanted, not a single person looked how I thought they’d look when I wrote the script — so I compromised. Then the sets didn’t come as easily as I had hoped — so I compromised.  The shooting schedule got funky — so I compromised. And that trend continued, and the film changed more and more.  In the end, I think this trend caused the film to suffer some, and though I’m proud that I made my first ever short film; I am not all that proud of the film as a whole.

That is not to say that I do not like parts of the film. There are some things I think I did pretty well, and for a film made on a $500 budget, I don’t think it is too terrible.

Currently, with Wristbands, I am submitting it to little short film festivals in the hopes that it could get a few views.  However, I am also tempted to just send it out into the world on my Youtube channel, so we’ll see.


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