Lens Whacking (Project Blog #6)

So, I was just browsing the interwebs looking at random camera techniques and the like when I came across a technique that I’d meant to investigate but never have, until now!

Lens whacking, for those that don’t know is not where you whack the heck out of a lens (because seriously, that would be insane).  Lens whacking is where you take the lens off your camera and change the angle that it directs light into the sensor/film, or you create a gap where rogue light can hit the sensor/film creating strange washes of light on your picture.

So yeah, I gave it a shot and I really enjoyed the effect that lens whacking created!  It looks a lot like a dream sequence, and it is really cool creating this kind of effect in camera rather than fiddling around in post production.

I took some quick footage of my daughter, just experimenting with different angles and distances from the camera body. The conclusion I came to? Lens whacking is pretty cool, seems like a great way to create a dream-like effect in-camera.

Take a look at what we got:


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