Stack of scripts sitting on laptop.

First Draft! (Project Blog #4)

Heyo!  I have the first draft of the script done for my short film, and I have to say that I really quite like it!  I will be turning the script in today both to my instructor and to my whole class for a major peer review.  Heaven help me.

To be honest, I am pretty excited to get the peer review; as much as I like my script, I know it can be better and this peer review should do great things for my script.  This is one step closer to making a dang good short film and I cannot say how excited I am.

After this peer review, I will give the script a rewrite and then probably another rewrite.  Hopefully after all these rewrites I will be able to start the casting call and get a move on principal photography…This is both stressful and exciting, I can’t wait to do more.


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