Project Blog 1 – 2.39:1 Test Continued

Heyo!  Thanks for coming to the second project blog post!  I’m writing from work today, as well as editing from work, because it turns out my laptop is too old and just cannot handle processing 4k video.  I ended up with garbled frames every time the clips would render, so I scrapped working on it at home and came in here to get things done.

Today I will again be looking at 2.39:1 aspect ratio, but things got a little more interesting.  I was looking at the shot of the hands (my hands) that I did the other day and wanted to test out how to do an extreme close up on the eyes…so I did.

Turns out, it is difficult to get the shot right when you’re shooting yourself but not looking at the camera (and therefore not able to see the framing).  I did get a shot, however, and it didn’t look too horrible (though it is framed a little low), Hell, I was even able to squeeze out a tear.


Before I filmed the second shot it came about that I wanted a message to these test shots, so a quick idea and one medical respirator audio track later, we have come to the video below.

I will be testing this video at the Kenworthy Theatre on Thursday to see how the 2.39:1 aspect ratio plays out on their screen and then this project blog may not have any posts for a while (as I’ll be working on the script for my film).  But I will try and post things whenever I have breakthroughs or experiments.



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